Where it all began

The HOWROYD dynasty began in West Yorkshire, particularly in and around Bradford and Dewsbury,

To this day Howroyds proliferate in Yorkshire more than any other English county. In the late 1700's and during the 1800's many Yorkshire. Howroyds migrated to USA, Canada Australia and South Africa and they can now be found around the world although it can be said with a fair degree of certainty that all Howroyds would find their ancestry goes back to the towns and hamlets of West Yorkshire.

We are grateful to Brian Howroyd in Tasmania who has done a prodigious amount of work in researching the wider family - put the following address in your browser for further information -

As is the case with many surnames, the spelling of Howroyd has changed over the centuries. The earliest derivative of the name in the International Genealogical Index (LDS) was William de Howroyde in 1251.The subsequent generations show the progressive name change to Holroide and eventually Holroyd. Over the centuries there have been many variations of the surname recorded including Houlroyde, Holeroyd, Hooleroyde and Holdroyde. In modem times the variations are limited to mainly Holroyde and Howroyd. The name Holroyd means literally the clearing in the hole or hollow.

We have concentrated on the Yorkshire Howroyd family and the associated families of BATTY, COSTELLO, RANGDALE, TURNER and UNDERWOOD. The navigation on the right takes you into all these families and looks at where they lived and worked.

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